International Day Of Education (2020) “Learning For People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace”

By Chiemezie Ezeani


January 25, 2020

International Day Of Education (2020) “Learning For People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace”

“education is the totality of the experience made available to an individual in order to make him or her develop a rounded personality, so as to be useful to himself and his society” –Prof.Jimoh S.A


International Day Of Education is a day set aside by the United Nation and celebrated by the United Nations Education, Scientific And Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to ensure that the goal 4 of the 2030 sustainable development goal -quality education –which is aimed at ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote a lifelong learning opportunity for all, is actualised. This day also focuses on the role of education in peace building and sustainable development. Having said these, it is imperative to note that education is an undeniable right of every child, but looking at the social, economic and financial constraints and challenges in the society, one can little wonder why such rights are being violated. But this is not an excuse and shouldn’t be accepted as one.

International Day Of Education (2020)


Globally, over 258 million children and adolescent are out of school. It is also on record that about 265 million children and adolescent do not have the opportunity to enter and complete school. Consequently, this have accounted for about 617 million children and adults who cannot read, write and do basic maths. And about 750 million adults are said to be illiterates, thus fuelling the level of crime and poverty in our societies. Finally, it is worthy to note that less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete basic secondary school education.

Definition of Education

Among the numerous definition of education, we would look at two different definitions. According to Prof.Jimoh S.A, “education issue the totality of the experience made available to an individual in order to make him or her develop a rounded personality, so as to be useful to himself and his society”. Also, Fafunwa (1974) defines education as the aggregate of all the processes by which a child or young adult develop the abilities, attitudes and other form of behaviours which are of positive value to the society in which he lives. From the above definitions, three (3) key words stand out and these are (students), the society or community (work environment) and the necessary skills, abilities, attitudes and personality.

Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace

The theme of this years (2020) International Day Of Education (learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace) tries to look at how education and learning can help empower people, protect the planet, ensure shared prosperity and foster peace. So it is of essence to be conscious of;

  • What we are learning (positive or nagative)?
  • What we are doing with the knowledge acquired?
  • What positive impact have we made?

International Day Of Education (2020)

Whatever knowledge we have are acquiring should be used to empower people and ensuring the development of human well-being, protect and save the planet from further destruction and effects of climate change. Would the knowledge contribute to shared prosperity of individual (per capita income) through innovation, and at the same time ensure peace in the society, or is it that which would lead to eventual destruction and disunity among humanity. We all have a role to play in ensuring peace and development through education and learning. It is commonly said “we become what we learn”

One may ask….. “If education is a key to success, the key to a successful future and also the key to unlock possibilities”?

Though most of us holds a contrary position to these, due to the many frivolous and ostentatious lifestyle lived by those who indulge in various forms of societal ills (internet fraud, corrupt individuals/politicians etc). Though the fact still remains that you should not envy or be carried away by this lifestyle despite your challenges, because this form of wealth last only for a period of time and can never bring to you lasting happiness and rest of mind to enjoy the said wealth. Thus the fact still stands out that with education and learning, “We are limitlessly opened up to boundless possibilities”.

What we are doing!

International Day Of Education (2020)

On our part, lift4africa is positioned to ensure that the goal 4 of the sustainable development goal is actualized by the year 2030. We aim to achieve this through training, youth engagements and capacity building on the need to see education (Vocational/Skill learning– non formal education) as an ingredient in bringing about peace and sustainable development in the society.


Without inclusive and equitable quality education and a lifelong learning opportunity for all, countries, states and societies would not achieve gender equality or break the cycle of poverty. Inversely, to break the cycle of poverty in our society, WE need substantial quality education.

Chiemezie Ezeani

Chiemezie Ezeani

Passionate about change, economic growth & social development. Ezeani Chiemezie is the founder and Executive Director of LIFT4Africa. A sport lover with the philosophy the we can!

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