About Life Transformation
for Africa Initiative

Life Transformation for Africa Initiative (LIFTforAfrica) is a non-governmental and non profit making organization that is focused on reorientation and readdressing certain unconventional ways in which we approach and interpret reality, it is ‘transformational’and policy orientated in the sense that it is intended to initiate a new approach and perception towards life.

Our Philosophy

To succeed, you have to do things differently…..

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at changes –Wayne Dyer

Life Transformation for Africa Initiative is determined on ameliorating and achieving some Key Agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, with focus on Health, Education, Good Governance and Prevalence of Justice, while also having insight areas of Ending Poverty, Zero Hunger, Economic Growth, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, Partnership Etc.

Our Mission

“To engender reformation, reorientation, transformation and also champion policies to address various misconception on; leadership, civic responsiveness/good Governance and health, which are embedded in our society and the world at large, through media sensitization, education, outreach and advocacy”

Our Vision

“To be at the forefront of breeding a new generation of leaders at the helms of affairs at every institution in the country who are focused on ensuring a healthy society in which the rights and privileges of every Citizenry are not only protected but also respected while addressing our present reality”.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency and
  • Continual Improvement and Inclusion


  • Children
  • Youths
  • Vulnerable groups and
  • Good governance


  • Raise a new generation of Leaders with a refined approach, perception, and conception of Leadership.
  • Reducing poverty through social empowerment of the Youth with focus on the Girl child and Women, and also engaging in entrepreneurial skill training.
  • Engaging in Civic Education and also address certain Human Right Abuses affecting our society.
  • Advocating for persons detained without trial or bail.
  • Advocates for citizen participation in Governance, and also ensuring Accountability, Credibility, and Transparency from the Government.
  • Addressing with prime importance; Sickle Cell, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other health-related issues
  • Ensuring safe cyberspace.


  • Leadership and Career Building (Counselling) and ICT
  • Civic Education and Good Governance
  • Human Right Education
  • Micro Credit Service
  • Legal Aid and Advocacy
  • HealthCare — PLWHA, Malnutrition, Environmental Education etc and;
  • Volunteerism